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Why should you include podcasts in your marketing mix?

Podcasts are the most popular format of all audio types, and this relatively-new medium is experiencing explosive growth.


Attract attention

From nurses to doctors, developers to medical students, business executives to scientists, people are seeking insightful, educational and engaging audio content like never before.


Reach people where they spend their time

As audiences reduce their screen time and increase activity, there is less time to access traditional digital communications.

Connect where people live, work and play

Audio content is streamed (or downloaded) and played on a mobile device or in-home assistant, allowing listeners to hear key messages that are relevant to them while they are also doing other things.


Highly engaged audiences

Loyal and dedicated listeners tune in to hear trusted hosts, content and conversations that are aligned with their professional interests.

Your recording, or ours?

Our hosts and audio team can create your ads for you, combining your message with the voice and sound of the podcast host.

Tune in anywhere, and everywhere

Podcasts are portable so they fit into daily life when working, commuting, exercising, cooking - almost anything!

Ads are aligned and targeted

Audio ads are dynamically inserted to align with the topics, shows, locations and dates that support your marketing objectives.

Maximize your budget

Reach your audience more frequently and more effectively for less than the cost of sponsoring an industry event.

Keep your message fresh and relevant

Deliver the newest version of your ad, and quickly and easily update or archive ads to reflect the most relevant information.


We work with leading brands.

Since 2016, we have produced beloved podcasts and digital campaigns in partnership with leaders in pharma, med tech, academia and life sciences – and many more.