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The Joining Process

We are an invitation-only network and we welcome creators who produce high-quality, evidence-based and human-centered podcasts to make an impact on health and care.

Here’s how you can be a part.

1. Apply to Join

Fill in the application form below to tell us more about you, your organization and your show.

2. Review

We review your application, listen to some episodes, and check to ensure there is a fit with our audience and mission.

3. Interview

If your application is successful, we arrange an interview. We want to get to know you and you can learn more about us as well.

4. Invitation

If our goals and mission are aligned, then we’ll invite you to join the network and become a part of our private membership community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Joining Health Podcast Network is by invitation only, but if your podcast provides credible, well-produced health-related content produced by people with expertise and integrity – then you could be a great fit in our network.


Absolutely not!  Your content is your content.   You maintain full creative control over your podcast in exactly the same way you do now. 

No. When your episodes are published on your media host, they automatically sync on Health Podcast Network – just like they do on all your other destinations like Apple, Google and Spotify.


No – not without an additional and separate agreement. We connect our visitors to your episode audio files, and they are served directly from your media host. We do not add or edit any part of the audio file. Unless you expressly opt-in for advertising as a separate agreement (and a share of the revenue of course) your episodes sound exactly the way you publish them.

Yes – and it’s easy to do it! Members of Health Podcast Network enjoy premium access to one of our partner hosting companies as part of your annual membership fee. Manage your show, update episodes, even publish your content through a native integration with If you plan to air your own dynamic content or ads, accept third-party ads, or do cross-promotions, we recommend switching to one of our preferred hosting packages – and a generous list of features is included in the Membership fee.

No, it’s not required, but it is is encouraged. When members use one of preferred hosting partners you can unlock many more options, capabilities and insights that can help benefit you and your podcast. Leveraging dynamic content, using cross-promotions and getting deeper insights on your listener demographics are just a few advantages.

Of course, you can join Health Podcast Network and still keep your current media hosts, but that is likely more expensive and limiting in the long run.

And, if you do decide to migrate, we provide a white-glove migration service to ensure you don’t lose listeners and your podcast continues to run smoothly. And since your content is your content, you can leave at any time!

Do you think your podcast could be a good fit for Health Podcast Network?

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